ROLE - PRODUCER: Ghandi El-Chamaa 
DIRECTOR: Raja Virdi
DOP: Dan Stafford Clark
Production Co: Phase Films​​​​​​​
This video for the talented Cher Lloyd! Big love to director extrodinaire Raja Virdi for a super fun concept and great execution! Also gotta give it to Mr 'no need for feedback it's done' Sam Harle fastest edit sign off in MV history. 

And thanks for having my back PM Molly also big love to our people at the Barbican for letting us in and being so so accommodating and lovely.
Choreographer: Kimmy LT
Choreo Assist - Theo
The Dancers! Demi Rox, Lisa Spencer, Katie Ku, Channelle George!

1st AD Chris Malin
2nd AD James Reed
DOP Dan Stafford Clark
1st AC Christian 'problem solva' Swaine
2nd AC Joseph Hoffman
Steadi James Elias
My G - Gaffer Elliot Beach
Sparks: Junior A - John Joe B - Jamie H. SHL where would i be without you.
Art Dir - Camilla Byles
Stylist - Kojo
MUA - Summer Dyason
CHER MUA - Enya Sullivan
Post house - Quarry who dug in so we could dig this gem out... Jenn Sanders
VFX: Yassine Nchoubi
Colourist: Joseph Bicknel at Company 3 under the watchful eye of CP Amanda Pilnik.
Last but not least the bosses commisioned by Christoph Bruns at
Universal Music Germany Special thanks to Rebekah Tayler.
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