ROLE - PRODUCER: Ghandi El-Chamaa 
DIRECTOR: Charlie Lightening
DOP: Daniel Lightening
Production Co: Common People Films
Label: Sony​​​
So I had the pleasure of doing a trilogy of videos for Louis Tomlinson - 'don't let it break your heart' being the finisher - he got to do a bit of acting in this one, who knows there might be a future there! Saying that when you have the likes of Geoff Bell on set everyone sharpens up even the Producers just in case he's method acting!
So we did an East End gangster film up north and could have had an 8 minute long video with all Geoff’s lines included but it would have been a great film but a not so hot music video.

6 Locations in 2 days, drones, car stunts, football, fights and guns. Lavely
Big thanks to the amazing crew and the usual suspects. Big love to Manchester and all its talent 🐝

Director: Charlie Lightening
Exec: Tony Roberts & Ramy Dance
Producer: You might know them very well
Production Manager: Adam Al Sened
Production Assistant: Paula Rommel

1st AD: Terry McShane
2nd AD: Jaqui Moore
DOP: Daniel Lightening 
1st AC Focus Puller: Daniel McPake (A true legend)
2nd AC Loader: Henry Northrop
2nd Unit Focus Puller: Sean Lomax
Trainee: Paddy Gomulski
AR Operator: Will Lyte big thanks to this guy for being so on it

Gaffer: Chris Sarguisson
Location Manager: Heather Gant - all hail
Locations Assistant: Lian Furness

The Glam making Scally’s look good.
Stylist: Jade Kewley 
Stylist Asst: Kyle Lawson
HMU: Joanne Coleman 
HMU Asst: Kirsten Massingham

Art director: Claire Heather Molloy
Art dept Asst: Will Gale 🏃‍♂️: Rhys Scully
🏃‍♂️: Dean Skarratt
🏃‍♀️: Zara Charlotte Mantle

Stunt Coordinator: Mark Johnston (Absolute hero - “Just one more time on the skid please mate - No problem”)
Stunt Driver: Antonio
Stunt HGV Driver: Rex
Car Driver: David Wild
Drone Op: Jack Smith
Drone Pilot: Kosta ✂️: Gary Coogan
🖌: Jonny Tully

Commissioner: Mike O’Keefe
Syco: Alice Frost
The Boss: Geoff Bell
Joe: Joe Holgate
Miki: Miki Davis
Friend 1: Liam Dooley
Friend 2: Jelani Inyama
Friend 3: Ryan James Lewis
Cyril: Phil Chadwick
Cecil: Benedict Relton
Nerves: Mark Hill
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