ROLE - PRODUCER: Ghandi El-Chamaa
DIRECTOR: Charlie Lightening 
EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Ramy Dance & Tony Roberts
DOP: Dan Lightening
Production Co: Common People Films​
So decided to take a studio shoot into the desert to spice things up a little for Louis Tomlinson's latest video Walls. Moroccan style!

Big thanks to the one and only Charlie Lightening and Dan Lightening - a brotherhood made in heaven. Not to mention Ramy and Tony of Common people films
For actively pushing to make high end work... and trusting a desert studio shoot would work out.

Also Louis' band who played a major part.

Humungous thank you to the amazing Sana and Nabila at Dune films. We talked for a month about how to work it out and I really didn't need to worry.
Big thanks also to the amazing 100+ Moroccan crew.
@garyvslife (Gary Coogan) great edit
Jenn Sanders @thequarryedit
@jonnytully from @bigbuoy_ thanks for the gorgeous grade. .
Prod designer - Ouassel El Kilali
And his amazing team.
1st AD - Abdelghafar Essalfi for keeping it on time with Atbir.
Casting - Salah Benchegra
Choreographer - Zakaria Banane
Location manager - Toufiq Abouobayd and his team.
HMUA - Nezha Aouis, Khadija Najahi
Gaffer extrodinaire - Driss Marzak and his team
Stylist - Zineb Mendili and her team for the amazing hand made dresses.
1st acs - Mohamed Amine Tassouka (A), Kamal El Moutaoakil
2nd acs (B) - Fouad Bourbouh (A), Hamza Tassouka (B) and Zakia the trainee.
And to the rest!
Big thanks also to the hidden gems, commissioner @miketokeefe and Alice Frost at Syco plus the entire team working away behind the scenes.
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