ROLE - PRODUCER: Ghandi El-Chamaa
DOP: Alex Jamin
Production Co: Film Band
You’d hope the first job of the year would be gentle on you and relaxing not a one shot wonder with 11/12 lighting states, 3 sets, 120+ lights and just one day to do it all in and then 4 days to Sound mix, Grade and Deliver the thing.

But such is the team, shit got done.

A huge thank you to @Pa_Salieu and his team at September management - great talent and kept nailing those takes.

@tawbox (Bronski X Amber) hats off for getting such a great concept together, such a pleasure to work with and thanks for having me and throwing me head first back into the live (ish) world - I’ve missed the place.

Finally got to work @AlexJamin and what a pleasure - that’s some beautiful highly technical work right there - big up to Gaffer @elliot_be (Elliot Beach) as well for managing the complex lighting setup so well!

Massive thanks to Production designer @sarah.asmail - who I didn’t even realise had done the Prod design for PA’s album cover!  Who said men don’t have intuition? But yeah, thanks to the Universe for sorting that out, Sarah you’re a legend thank you for all the amazing work!

Also massive thanks to Seb Joly on the Trinity who worked tirelessly and managed to go in through a car window without a bump during any recorded takes… there were over 20.

Also Mikiel who danced his ass off in that Kankurang outfit made by hand by the amazing @Kate_Tarbor… every single hair… 

Big up to all the rest of the crew

My wondrous PM
1st AC - Chris Hayes - sharp af
2nd AC Kiloran McLaren 
Desk Op - Daf Cook - Legend/Wizard
Spark - Dak Kannan + Amir Moulfi + Dom Palgan

Art dept - Jimmy Van Twest + Giorgio Lieuw-On + Zahra Asmail

Stylist - Holly M Macdonald

Production Ast - Efosa Osaghae
Runner - Elliot Lang + Oli Hill

Medic - Elliot Lang

Studio + Lights + Riggers - Neg Earth Lights (Big thank you!)
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