ROLE - PRODUCER: Ghandi El-Chamaa 
DIRECTOR: Taz Tron Delix
DOP: Ruben W Deschamps
Production Co: Compulsory
Service Co: 2332
Service Producer: Dasha Deriagina
Got to make this mad video ‘Audacity’ for the one and only Stormzy with the impeccable Taz Tron Delix at the Helm who along with Ruben W Deschamps made this vision happen.  Of course the hugely supportive Kiran from the Compuslory family who had my back.

Big thanks to the Big man for just being up for the truck surfing, explosions and completely necessary amount of fire - Ukraine is cold.  Speaking of cold - only Headie One managed, along with the SFX op, not to flinch when the fire exploded behind him, everyone else had minor heart attack - Guy didn’t even blink.

So this was the most intense risk assessment - When you read the treatment and it says… “we reveal a lorry with Stormzy on top and standing strong as the world passes him by - with Headie One hanging upside down in the truck”….. OK!? Safe to say Taz Tron Delix smashed it yet again - we really couldn’t have done it without the amazing Ukranian squad at 2332, Huge thanks to Dasha for the amazing effort and enduring every request, idea and thought with a smile.

Special thanks to colourist Alex Gregory and Charlie Morris along with Bruce and Dan and the entire team The Mill London for the tireless efforts going the extra lightyear for us.

Another special thanks to my VFX squad Yassine and Baran dream team doing a weeks work in a day… and night.
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